Posted by: gaiusc | 18 November, 2011

The James St pub crawl

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, my thoughts are turning towards a good pub crawl. For something completely different, how about a James St pub crawl?

Having a look at google maps. Start with:

  1. Carrigans (yes yes I know it’s on Old Kilmainham road);
  2. then Kennys Lounge opposite the hospital;
  3. admire the nice architecture on the way to the Malt House (if open-looked boarded up last time I passed);
  4. then across the road to The Tram where the Luas heads down the hill to Heuston;
  5. Ryans coming up to the brewery;
  6. McGruders after the brewery (not sure if that’s still there);
  7. Handel’s (which has been re-opened);
  8. onto Thomas St proper now, The Clock Pub;
  9. Nashs;
  10. Tom Kennedys past Vicar St;
  11. The Thomas House (looks like a rocker bar);
  12. The Pale coming up towards Christchurch;
  13. The Lord Edward (next to Burdocks in case you’re in need of solid fuel)
  14. and finally finishing up in the Bull & Castle.

That’s 14 but I’m fairly sure the Malt House and McGruders are closed so that gives us 12 pubs of Christmas.


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