Posted by: gaiusc | 13 September, 2011

The Winding Stair restaurant

We were there before but I wasn’t feeling well at the time so we wanted to give the Winding Stair another shot and sad to say, it doesn’t really measure up.

We went for the set menu. I had the pork chop main with chicken terrine starter. Herself had the lamb round main with asparagus and cherry tomato tartlet starter. My starter was fine and the pork chop was lovely but the lamb round was a big disappointment. There was no flavour to it whatsoever.

The atmosphere is always bustling and the view of the river is nice. The service is adequate. I love the decor and the pressed wood menus. Considering that the pre-theater menu is not especially good value, the wine is much too expensive. The cheapest (non-bargain bin) wine is €25 and it’s muck. I wouldn’t pay a tenner for it in the supermarket. I appreciate what the Winding Stair is trying to do. In a world of ethnic restaurants, the Winding Stair is offering authentic Irish cusine but the value & execution lets it down.


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