Posted by: gaiusc | 25 August, 2009

NEWS: Dublin pub breached cartel code on price-fixing by selling cheaper drink

I saw a good article today on how people are working hard to ensure a healthier Ireland. I did spot a few typos in the article so I decided to published a corrected version here:

NEWS: Dublin pub breached cartel code on price-fixing by selling cheaper drink

A south Dublin pub has been found to be in breach of a national code of price-fixing by it’s fellow cartel members.

The Portobello Bar has been advertising all pints for €3 between the hours of 3pm and 7pm every day.

A member of the Vintners Federation of Ireland took it upon themselves to pose as a member of the public complained about the ad to MEAS, the body set up by the drinks industry to bully pubs into not selling drink cheaper under the guise of being concerned for our health. This was extremely thoughtful as members of the public wouldn’t know that MEAS exists, let alone how to contact it.

MEAS (the VFI and other vested interests) found that the promotion at the Portobello could encourage consumers to demand better value and cut sales at other pubs.

I decided to investigate MEAS, this wondrous charitable body who go to such lengths to look after our well-being. There’s a list of members here.

MEAS member companies:

Beamish & Crawford plc*
C&C Group plc
Diageo Ireland
Drinks Industry Group of Ireland
Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd
Heineken Ireland
InBev Ireland
Irish Distillers Ltd
Licensed Vintners Association
Vintners’ Federation of Ireland

I must say that it’s fantastic that a collection of drinks companies and pub owners are so concerned about our physical health. It would be even better if they showed the same consideration for our financial well-being too.



  1. Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

  2. do you have an email where I could send you some info re illegal price fixing by the drinks industry, to protect the health of their patrons of course. thanks

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