Posted by: gaiusc | 27 July, 2009

Got two hours to waste? O’Sheas in Sneem is the place to go.

Sat down at 5.45 pm.
Hot food served at 6.00 pm.
Finally got to order at 6.30 pm.
Asked where the food was at 7.15 pm. Told we’d have it in ten.
At 7.35 pm we walked out cold and hungry. Went elsewhere for food.
In fairness, there was a festival in town and it was busy but would it have killed the staff to let us know our food was going to be delayed?

O’Sheas pub in Sneem, Kerry. Pink frontage and deck out the back.
A very poor end to what had been a lovely day’s walking.



  1. Was here with my partner this past weekend.
    Went in @ 5pm approx for a drink when the pub was practically empty inside. Had a bite to eat but in the meantime the bar had filled up quite a bit. It was our intention to have a few drinks after dinner in the bar but were felt most unwelcome as 3 of the staff took it in turn to ask were we finished when we had barely finished eating. Very uncomfortable & rushed & most unprofessional.
    Described as a pub but in reality they were looking for the quick turnover with the tables. Not my idea of (what was otherwise a lovely) relaxed holiday in beautiful Sneem.

  2. Sorry to hear of your experience, which appears to be the opposite of our problem but still symptomatic of poor service and bad attitude towards paying customers.

  3. Never had a bad experience, visit on a regular basis, a highlight of our many trips to Ireland

  4. Totally agree with Daniel’s comment.
    Went back twice in a week
    Really hospitable staff – couldn’t have been more accommodating.
    Lovely food.

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