Posted by: gaiusc | 8 June, 2009

Bodies exhibition in Dublin

The Bodies exhibition in Dublin has been running for ages and I’ve been meaning to go and see it but Ms. Gaius wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea. My brother was up in Dublin yesterday so we both went along.

The exhibits are not as gruesome as you might expect. They have a “waxwork model” look to them and are not recognisable as people. Some of the poses they are in are playful and even a little cartoonish and this enhances the effect that they are not human bodies. There is one section that has a warning on it and that is the one with the foetuses. There are a number of preserved foetuses and skeletons at different stages of development. You do have the option of avoiding it.

There is a section devoted to the damage smoking does to the lungs. Seeing is believing so I’ll leave that for ye to discover. In the same section is one exhibit showing the damage that TB does to the lungs and that was probably the only unpleasant one for me.

The exhibits do make a genuine attempt to educate the audience and you do come away with a better understanding of how the body works. I’d strongly recommend it for all but I did have one major problem with the show, the price.

€20 is far too much to pay for a show that takes at most 30 minutes to complete. For the kind of traffic the show is getting, the organisers must be absolutely milking it, which they are entitled to do but it will be a real kick in the balls if the show moves to Berlin and admission costs half the price that it does here!


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