Posted by: gaiusc | 6 May, 2009

Doctor Doom as public representative? I like it. A lot.

George Lee is already getting stick about being able to go back to his old job if his bid to get elected to the Dail doesn’t work out. I say fair play to him and to RTE. Mr. Lee first…

What I like about George Lee is that he cares. His heart is in the right place and that isn’t a bad place to start. He may well be an awful politician but can he really be any worse than what we have in place at the moment? He’s also knowledgeable and intelligent, which is a considerable step up from folks who blurt out things like “stick with the kebabs”. It’s amusing to hear the FF’ers come out of the closet to denounce him as a media stunt. I suppose trying to shoehorn Seamus Brennan’s kid into his old seat wasn’t in the slightest bit cynical?

RTE to take him back if it doesn’t work out? Sure why not? It’s not as if they have quality presenters jumping up and down to replace him. Of course, it would be a good opportunity to exercise that pay cut that Lee volunteered for…


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