Posted by: gaiusc | 3 March, 2009

I want to go to parties at Ulick’s gaff…

…because he’s clearly got some strong stuff in the drinks cabinet and some “interesting” activities to keep guests entertained.

The Independent reported some of his insightful analysis from the ACCA conference and it’s eye-opening stuff, not just because of the discovery that maybe accountants are not the most boring people on the planet.

Firstly, Ulick was all upset that he got cut out of the opportunity to lose millions by borrowing money to buy shares. Then he was praising the banks that have brought the country to the edge of an economic abyss. Then he warned us that there was going to be “social disorder if we don’t cop on and stop what’s happening today”, i.e. stop behaving like spoiled brats and resume the submissive position that seems to be the default for the Irish electorate whenever shady people in high places do their swindles and get away with it.

However, he left the best one till last. Ulick said:

Mr McEvaddy told his audience that the situation with Irish banks could be likened to a swingers’ party.:
“Imagine you’re at one of those parties and there’s 40 couples and, going in the door, they tell you two of the couples have AIDS but they don’t tell you which two,” he said. “Do you think there’d be much action at that party? That’s what’s happening at the banks because no one knows where the toxic assets are.”

If I’m on the national airwaves giving my thoughts on the economic meltdown, swinger parties are most definitely at the forefront of my mind too! I’m also more concerned about how to organise a good swingers party than worrying about the possibility of all the guests contracting fatal diseases.



  1. it’s sounds intresting ,in a party two persons have Aids ,no one know who they are ,then how people will do sex with each other.but Swingers should take precaution also.

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