Posted by: gaiusc | 27 November, 2008

Worst value rental property in Ireland has a new champion

There is a worst value house in Ireland thread at the Property Pin and it isn’t particularly big or clever. Personally, I don’t like sneering at places in lower income areas because people with limited incomes are never going to be able to keep up with the Jones in the showing off race and the people who do are boring sods. However, you do see properties from time to time and you have to wonder what people were thinking. In this particular case, you have to wonder how on earth they got planning for this.

One enterprising poster found the planning permission conditions and they are quite specific and I’ve bolded the important bit.

8. The proposed two-storey detached garage shall be used only for purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house and as such shall not be used for the carrying on of any trade or business use. The garage shall not form a separate independent dwelling unit and shall be used solely as a garage and play room in connection with the main dwelling house as described in the plans submitted. Reason: In the interests of orderly development and to prevent the unauthorised use of the structure.

In case the ad is gone from Daft, it’s in Donaghmede and they are looking for €650 a month. I’ve no objection to people putting out low quality accomodation because there will always be some people who need to save money. A friend of mine often proudly tells us of his student days living four to a room in Ballyfermot and paying £12 a week. However, this is 1. illegal 2. greedy beyond redemption. I hope they are forced to knock it down for breaking the planning conditions.



  1. Speaking of terrible room/price combinations, I recently received an offer for a 6 m2 room at a price of €315. Not nearly as absurdly priced as your example, but I must admit it made my jaw drop. 6 m2 isn’t even a room!

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