Posted by: gaiusc | 3 November, 2008

Jarlath Regan in the Laughter Lounge 1st Nov

I got two tickets to the Laughter Lounge last Saturday and went along with herself to see Jarlath Regan and Co. On entering, we were politely asked to leave our jackets in the (free) cloakroom. Once downstairs, we got stuck into the Paulaner beer available on draft.

I’ve been to the Laughter Lounge before with the work crew and was driving then, so couldn’t drink and that wasn’t much fun at all. This time, the rather irrespresible Steve Cummins was the MC and he whipped the crowd right up, between picking on an unfortunate “ugly gay diabetic” sitting in the front row and the girls from Chica. All warmed up, on came the first act who was Sharon Mannion from Roscommon. I mention her birthplace because her strong accent is part of the act. She did seem a bit nervous at the start but got into it quickly enough. I liked her bit about housemates leaving notes and the song was a hoot.

Next up was some half-Irish/half-Greek wan who wasn’t very good at all. She had some decent gags but it was a bit all over the place.

After that was an English guy whose name I also can’t remember but he was very good. Some of his stuff wasn’t exactly original, like the ettiquette of threesomes, but it was well delivered.

Steve was up & down between each act getting the crowd going and I’ll remember his “wanking the baby” bit for a long time to come. He then introduced Jarlath Regan, who I had never heard of before, let alone seen. He’s quite good though, very relaxed on stage and while his humour is off the clean-cut variety, it’s still very funny. The “IT support” jokes and stories of the dad texting had the crowd howling. I’d definitely recommend seeing him.


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