Posted by: gaiusc | 3 November, 2008

Bit late in the day but it’s a bit of fun anyway

If only the rest of the world could vote in the US elections, how different would the result be. Well now you can find out just how different it would be by visiting this site. Where they are running the poll and it’s open to all. It also notes the country that the vote is coming from and the break down of results is interesting. At the moment, the overall result is fairly conclusive:

Barack Obama 86.9% (631,467 votes)

John McCain 13.1% (95,154 votes)

There are a number of countries that support McCain and those are:

  • Albania with 54.1%
  • Macedonia with 85.7% support

Intriguingly, Venezuela has a high proportion of McCain supporters with 42.9% favouring the republican.

With Ireland, it’s quite straightforward. 92.8% of voters preferred Obama to McCain. I think even the dreaded “Bradley effect” would struggle to overturn those kind of figures.


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