Posted by: gaiusc | 20 August, 2008 finds it hard to make up their mind is exactly what it says on the tin so it’s understandable when they make a mini-blunder with their headlines in the rush to get the news out. Amusingly enough, their headline on the front page was correct but their blurb was wrong.

Once you viewed the article itself, the ghastly truth became clear. To be fair, with ten seconds to go, it did look like Joyce had snatched a very close win so you can’t blame them for trying to get the news out before the event.

Which is not to knock Joyce. Like a lot of Irish Olympians, he went out there and gave it his best shot against Felix Diaz of the Dominican Republic. Now I don’t know much about boxing but I do know that what took place in the ring was closer to wrestling than actual boxing. He’s a young guy and will surely be back in four years time. Fair dues to Egan and Barnes for making it through to the semi-finals. Boxing seems to be the only sport where Irish athletes can consistently compete at Olympic level and credit is due to the people involved in the sport.


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