Posted by: gaiusc | 13 August, 2008

Forget the Olympics – Hogcalling is the real contest

Who needs the entertainment of thrilling relay races in the Olympic pool when you have spectacles like the Illinois State Fair in the US. We can safely say that lady has no shame whatsoever.

In other news, Russian troops have finally called a halt to their invasion of Georgia and not a moment too soon because ordinary decent Americans have been concerned about this.

If you’ve seen Amelie, you’ll be familiar with the storyline regarding the garden gnome travelling the world and sending postcards back to Mr Poulain in an effort to get him to broaden his horizons. Well, there’s apparently a real version of it now.

I sometimes go 2 months without a haircut but frankly, I need all the hair I can get these days. Now imagine if you didn’t cut your hair since you were in school and this is what you might look like but only if you use loreal and you’re worth it.


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