Posted by: gaiusc | 7 August, 2008

Middle lane hoggers and why they should all be eviscerated with a rusty fork

Because I live in Dublin and work in Naas, I have to travel on the (three lane each way) Naas road every morning & evening (against the traffic mind you). It was always irritating to be stuck doing 80 behind somebody in the outer lane who refused to pull in while the inside lane does 85. In fact on the M50 motorway around Dublin, rush hour drivers in the “overtaking” lane make it to their destination considerably slower than drivers who are in the left lane. However the middle lane hoggers are worse, much worse.

I do try to keep to the rules of the road which means staying in the left lane unless I need to overtake and once I have overtaken, I move back in. I regularly come across a line of cars in the middle lane doing 90 with no cars whatsoever in the left lane. Am I meant to swerve across three lanes in order to overtake legally? Am I meant to stay where I am because they happen to be in the wrong place and then blithely sail on past them on the left? Who do you think the guards will be pulling over if they happen to see this? It is very common (especially when inbound in the evening) to see the right lane being choc-a-bloc with cars doing 95, then you will have about the same number of cars hogging the middle lane at 90.00001 and finally you get the people doing the right thing and driving in the left lane at 90. Every car trying to get past in the outside lane is jammed up each others’ hole so if somebody brakes, there’s going to be a huge pileup. What happens when a driver gets “boxed” into the left lane and can’t get out because of the numbskulls hogging the middle lane and driving a few feet from each other? It’s damn dangerous and the reason it happens is because Irish drivers seem allergic to the notion of driving in the left-most lane unless you’re overtaking.

“Ah but I can’t drive in the slow lane” they say.
Let’s get one thing straight. It’s not a fricking “slow lane”. It’s the inside lane. That’s what it is called. Did you ever pass a driving test in your life! The two lanes to the right are over-taking lanes and by being an arsehole and refusing to drive in the leftmost lane available to you, you are causing traffic disruption & increasing the possibility of a motorway pile up.
Try doing it on the continent and you will get blinded by highbeams up your ass and tinnitus from all the annoyed drivers honking at you and I wish more people would do the same here too.

I make a point of driving in the correct lanes because I don’t like driving at 100 kmph with cars having way less than the safe braking distance both in front & behind me. If these people bothered to follow the rules of the road carriageway & motorway driving would be a much safer & less stressful exercise for all.

If the guards make a high profile campaign to pull over lane hoggers on the Naas road lasting one week, people will stop doing it forever! Instead they are too busy clocking people doing 105!

A video from the UK sums up everything about why it’s dangerous & annoying.


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