Posted by: gaiusc | 16 July, 2008

Best Chinese restaurant in Ireland, let alone Bantry

Eims & myself found the place by accident in June of last year. It was pouring rain which is usual for a June bank holiday weekend and we were trying to find a place for grub. We weren’t too tempted to chance the chippers on the main square so we were going to sit into the first restaurant we saw and sure enough, it was The Mermaid. It’s fairly simple inside (upstairs) and the prices are very reasonable but when we got the starter, we got an idea of just how good it was going to be. The food was absolutely divine and very cheap too. We said:

    We need to come back here
    We need to tell others about it.

We’ve been back there twice since and it was just as good as before. Definitely drop in if you’re in the area. You can find it here and the number is 027-53850. Opening hours are 5-12 Sun-Thurs & 5-1 Fri-Sat.


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