Posted by: gaiusc | 9 July, 2008

A studio apartment but where’s the loo?

Every now and then, you see (or the folks on the Pin dig up) an absolute gem on Daft that just has to be shared and this was too good to pass up. We’re all familiar with dodgy accommodation that isn’t fit for human habitation but would you really pay €650 a month to live on a mattress under a stairs with no loo?

Don’t believe me? See the pics for yourself!
Could that be the loo in the background at the bottom of the stairs?



  1. At least it has a built-in kitchen! The cat can sleep in the microwave, I suppose.

    As an aside, if you separate the tags with commas (or is it ;’s) they will count as separate tags. Right now your tag is ‘studio apartment gaius colinius property bubble ireland’ and I don’t think that’ll link to many other blog entries.

  2. Ah thanks for that tip Kor. As usual I didn’t have a clue.

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