Posted by: gaiusc | 8 July, 2008

XP is 7 years old and still better than the rubbish that is Vista

I’ve had a PC desktop for about a year and a half now. It’s a pretty respectable machine with a decent chip, graphics card & 2 gigabytes of RAM.

So where’s the problem you ask?
Well, firstly Vista doesn’t like older software and you can get software or games that refuse to work or doesn’t work properly. For instance, I installed Fraps, which is a very popular utility for taking screenshots in-game. It worked fine with most stuff but then when I used it with Rome: Total War, it completely locked the computer. I couldn’t even ctrl-alt-del out of trouble and had to power off the computer. This NEVER happens in XP.

Then there were problems with the infamous virtualstore. You see, when you uninstall something in Vista, it doesn’t really uninstall because Vista merely sticks the files away in hidden folders. Not only does this waste hard disc space but it can seriously muck up problematic programmes that you’re trying to fix with an uninstall/reinstall. What if you install a patch or update? Then Vista sticks the patch into the virtualstore while the main files are in “program files”. If you’re somebody who likes to modify games, Vista is your worst nightmare. It can be hard enough keeping your hard drive tidy but when your OS is actively working against you, this becomes an impossible task.

Finally, Vista is slow. It’s so slow that there were times I’d do a simple process like open “my computer” and started counting. A procedure like that should be instantaneous. I also disliked the way Microsoft tried to “hide” the simple application called “windows explorer”. I found this a much better way of navigating around my hard drive rather than using “my computer”. However, MS went out of their way to make this shortcut difficult to find.
Service pack 1 has been no improvement whatsoever.

I gave up in the end. I had an XP disc with service pack 2 and installed that. There were some minor hiccups as I’m not totally tech-savvy so in future I’ll remember to download sound & graphics card drivers from the net before I reinstall an OS. Foolish me was trusting the manufacturer’s cd to do the job.

Now I have a blisteringly fast computer that runs everything better than ever before. I also have total control of my own hard drive. My old programs run fine and I don’t need to click on permission windows everytime I shift in my chair.

If you’re thinking about “upgrading” from Vista to XP, my advice is to go for it. Vista has absolutely nothing that you can’t do with XP. It has directx 10 but pretty much all PC games are directx 9 compatible so they’ll run on Vista. By the time major games are Vista-only, Microsoft might have sorted out some of the major problems with Vista.



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