Posted by: gaiusc | 5 July, 2008

Christy Moore in the Marquee in Cork

After a rather heavy & late night on the sauce on Friday (going to a wine bar at 2am was not the brightest idea ever), I drove down to Cork all excited about the Christy Moore gig in the Marquee. It started at 8 on the dot and it was just Christy & Declan Sinnott up on the stage. Now I’m not the greatest Christy Moore fan in the world but I enjoy his “hits” and was looking forward to seeing him live.

It was all-seated so there was no hassle about getting stuck behind a gang of 6’7″ lads and not being able to see. The sound was excellent but we were at the front and we did notice some out of time clapping from the back so maybe others weren’t as lucky. He played all the well-known songs bar Lisdoonvarna (which is a shame but I suppose he’s sick to the death of of it at this stage). He was in good form and told a few good ones, including a lovely story about the Lobby bar on Union Quay. He did one song with just a bodhran and everybody just went wild as he really knows how to play it.

All in all, a great gig and well worth going to even if you’re not a fan of Irish traditional music or guys with acoustic guitars. Some dodgy phone-taken videos are on youtube already, one being this one:

I took some photos on my phone. The zoomed-in ones are very poor because the contrast is so harsh but the ones from further out are a bit better. Christy & Declan do look like animated lightbulbs though.


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